Because these insoles are made with Termocrep-Gel® of highly performance and have been tested by the Institute of Biomechanics of the University of Valencia, where we develop out two most important foot products functions, which are shock absorption and perspiration.

1. Shock absorption.

Our patented design architecture has been developed to provide sequential shock absorption* and effectively cushions the feet. Manufactured in termocrep-gel®, made on our facilities, whose high performance provides far superior shock absorption to that provided by other products.

2. Perspiration

These high-tech insoles keep feet dry and deal with foot moisture in the following ways:

• High-quality technical fabric capable of absorbing and releasing eight times its own weight.

• Our patented insole design architecture contracts and cushions the foot with every step, promoting air flow that helps to eliminate moisture more efficiently.

*The design architecture provides shock absorption proportional to the weight applied.

Our company is authorised to sell medical devices for pharmacy distribution, and we supply stores with high-quality, European standard items manufactured with medical grade components*, which, together with our orange essence and aloe vera options, make them unique in the market.

*These materials are certified safe to be in contact with the skin and even foodstuffs, with no risk of toxicity, allergies, etc.

Everyone with impact-related foot or joint problems when walking or running and people whose feet perspire excessively. 

A physiological footwear study developed by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid on the impact of foot conditions, find that 72% of Europeans have foot problems caused by different conditions.

As manufacturers of gel insoles, we can  found thousands of pharmacies and orthopaedic stores in Spain, France and Portugal, with our Plantigel Pharma, Plantigel Ortho, Naturalgel and Naturalgel Ortho brands. 

Our business strategy is to introduce Footgel into shoe stores with its health certification for the prevention and symptomatic relief of impact-related conditions. 

Not only are they comfortable, but they will also take the healthy feet concept into shoe shops.




hombre-plantillas-FootgelSee more

Footgel Insoles

  • Sizes: 39-42 and 43-46
  • With orange essence
  • Gel-fabric adhesion without adhesives or additives
Plantilla-Footgel-Mujer-See more

FootGel Insoles

  • Sizes: 35-38 and 39-42
  • With Aloe Vera essence
  • Gel-fabric adhesion without adhesives or additives
Sport-Plantilla-FootgelSee more

FootGel Insoles

  • Sport
  • With orange essence
  • Sizes 35-38, 39-42 and 43-46
  • With orange essence
  • Insoles for sport
Producto-works FootgelSee more

FootGel Insoles

  • Works
  • With orange essence
  • Sizes 35-38, 39-42 and 43-46 
  • With orange essence
  • Insoles for works
PlantillaPlanaSee more

FootGel Insoles

  • Flats
  • with Aloe Vera essence
  • Universal size
  • With Aloe Vera essence
Talonera-descargaSee more

Heel FootGel

  • Universal size
  • With orange essence